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Post by donovandj1025 on Thu Jun 01, 2017 9:17 pm

1.Vocabulary and Text Structure
When is figurative language used and to what effect?
" Jack went double. He was like a sprinter, his nose only a few inches front the humid earth...then dog-like uncomfortably on all fours"(p.48) Jack is being compared to a dog in this passage. This passage is showing the effects of the boys being on this island with no adult supervision. It is turning the boys against each other and turning them into savages.
2. Key Details
Which details support the main idea?
During chapter 3 the two main characters establish the difference between their groups. It clearly shows that the boys don't see eye to eye and that there will be problems between them. Jack and Ralph come to a conflict because Ralph believe shelter is more important than meat, and Jack believes that the nourishment through meat is more important than shelter.
Golding uses "Huts On The Beach" as the title of the chapter because Ralph thinks that for now the most important thing for the boys is to build shelter and Jack disagrees so the younger boys that follow Ralph set up huts on the beach.
Inscrutably(p.56) If someone or something is inscrutable then it is impossible to understand or interpret.The littluns watched him inscrutably over a double handfuls of ripe fruits
Contrite(p.50) Simon's contrite face appeared in the hole. If someone is contrite, they are feeling or expressing remorse
Incredulous(p.53) If someone is incredulous they are unwilling or unable to believe something " he said incredulosuly


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