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Post by Shannon Poston on Thu Jun 01, 2017 5:36 pm

Vocabulary & Text Structure
Q: When is figurative language used and to what effect?
On page 34 "The breeze that on the lagoon had chased their tails like kittens were finding their way across the platform and into their forest." The author uses symbolism to describe the island that the kids are on. The breeze is given a human like feature of coming alive compared to kittens chasing themselves.
Where does the text leave matters uncertain or stated?
In this chapter we the readers are left not knowing what happened to the boy with the mark on his face. All we know is that he suddenly disappears and then later the boys realize that he is not there. The reason this may be is so that we think that the beast is real and that it took the kid.
Title: The specific name of the chapter is Fire on the Mountain to show that the kids are a bit immature and not capable of taking care of a group of people and working together. Or either that the kids are smart enough to start a fire with piggy glasses and use the fire to creat smoke so that nearby boats could find them.
Gesticulated (34) "He gesticulated quickly." To make dramatic gestures
tirade (45) "By now they were listening to the tirade." Someone made a long, angry speech of criticism
officious (40) There was pushing and pulling and officious cries. If someone is officious they are enthusiastic.

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