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Post by FelixGo on Wed May 31, 2017 6:06 pm

Question 1 Vocabulary text structure :Does the meaning of words go beyond denoted meaning? page33 "Ralph felt the conch lifted from his lap. Then piggy was standing cradling the great cream shell and the shouting died down". This is showing how the conch is the oney thing that lets piggy ever get any respect and have anyone listen to him because the rule was made that whoever had the conch could speak and for piggy this is the only thing he has to make his voice heard so he is constantly trying to have it.

Question2, Authors purpose : From whose point of view is the text told? page35 "The older boys first noticed when the child resisted." the text is told from 3rd person omniscient because it sees all.

name of chapter ,Fire on the mountain , the chapter is called this because its a important part of the book when a boy dies in the fire also it resembles the boys becoming more crazy like animals and more cruel .

vocab, 1 page 35 induced, 2 page 42 contentuously, 3 page 43 indignant.


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Chapter 2  Empty Re: Chapter 2

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-What does the frightened shrimp of a boy with the mulberry colored birthmark tell the group, and how does it affect the others?
---The shrimp of a boy is urged forward by other frightened little boys. He tells the rest of the group that at night, he saw a "beastie" that looked like a snake. The others get chills from the silent breeze and ask where he saw it. Ralph tries to make fun of the boy telling him that he could not have seen any kind of large animal and some of the older boys agree. As the conversation continues, all of the boys become less reassured, which makes Ralph feels angry and helpless. They then change the discussion to talking about ideas for being rescued.

-Why do they always tell Piggy to shut up?
---Jack does not respect Piggy, and he shows it through his words and actions. In this chapter, when the boys decide to light a fire to attract ships with the smoke, they have no way of lighting the fire. Jack grabs Piggy's glasses off his face, leaving Piggy panicked and with blurred sight, to start the fire.

Piggy thinks the fire is a bad idea. He says,"...We couldn't keep a fire like that going, not if we tried." (pg 42)

Jack gets angy and responds, "A fat lot you tried...You just sat..." (pg 42)

This gets a defensive reaction from Piggy. He gets angry and demands that they show him the respect they show everyone when they have the conch.

-Key Words of the chapter:
1. Ebullience- "...of a parent who has to keep up with senseless ebullience of the children..." (38): zestful or spirited enthusiasm
2. Martyred- "Then with the martyred espressio of a parent..." (38): sacrificed for a cause
3. Recrimination- "His voice lifted into the whine of virtuous recrimination." (43): the act of accusing in return; opposing another charge

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