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Post by FelixGo on Thu Jun 08, 2017 10:28 am

key details ,page 145 simon Spoke aloud to the clearing. "What else is there there to do." This is key because it shows the boys becoming weary and bored, the boys want to leave and are scared. At first the kids were excited to be alone with no adult supervision but now they want and need adults. And to further prove this point more on page 148 Piggy complains aswell about wanting rain and mainly wanting to go home.

Authors purpose for writing the to explain something. page 150 Henry brought him a shell and he drank, watching Piggy and Ralph over the jagged rim. power lay in the brown swell of his forearms. The author is explaining that Jack has taken over the power and become the leader on the island instead of Ralph.

The name of the chapter "A view to a death". This represents Jack gaining control and turning the boys into savages after they finally caught a pig.

Vocab Stubborn , someone who is stubborn is reluctint . 2 flushed someone who is flushed is excited or suprised by something. 3 distant something that is distant is weak kindove transparent.


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