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Post by Broken Glasses on Mon Jun 05, 2017 8:24 pm

Vocab Words
Enchantments: A feeling of great pleasure or delight
Mirage:An optical illusion caused by atmosphereic conditions
Desire: A strong feeling of wanting

Why is the chapter called "shadows and tall grass"? Well, I think that this is a spin on Smoke and mirror. Through alot of segways and unknown information we find ourselves jumping to conclusions with information that we fabricated due to lack of info. They fabricated the beast and are inventing the relavence of this hunt. Them not knowing is where hte issue is formed.

What is the authors purpose for writing?
I belive that it is a hybrid to inform or entertain. THis isnt a text book so to some degree it needs to entertain. And he is informing us about how rle systems work and how they weaken if we dont contribute

What is the key theme of this text?
I belive for this chapter it is a consequense of appeasment. Before WW2 Europe gave germany anything it wanted hoping not to start a war. We know where that led. Here since Ralph was unsuccesful in dismissing the beast he now lives with the consequense and it is hunting for a beast that doesn't exsiste. Ralph likes reason but since he was unsuccesful in delivering he now reaps what he sow.

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