Chapter 1 Lord Of The Flies

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Chapter 1 Lord Of The Flies Empty Chapter 1 Lord Of The Flies

Post by Shannon Poston on Wed May 24, 2017 9:15 pm

How did the author organize the ideas?
William Golding organizes the ideas in the first chapter by introducing the characters to the reader and giving a brief explanation of most of the key characters. When Golding starts off the book with Ralph it is significant meaning he is a main character. Followed after Ralph is Piggy, he is like the brain of Ralph by coming up with ideas. Then Jack and his "crew" are a type of conflict.
How does the organization contribute to meaning?
When Piggy tells Ralph his name he says, "i don't care what they call me," he said confidentially, "so as long as they don't call me what they used to call me at school." (page 11) And later on when the two boys meed the choir group and Ralph tells them Piggy's name after he told him not to tell them his name was Piggy it shows how immature these little boys are by laughing gat his name and his appearance.

The reason for the title of chapter one The Sound Of The Shell is because Piggy explains to Ralph that such a shell is actually called a conch and the boys eventually decide to use the conch as a symbol of authority and attention. Whenever a boy has the conch in his hand, he is able to speak to the rest of the group without interruptions, Indicating the shell contains power.

Surmounted-pg 26 "The most usual feature of the rock was a pink cliff surmounted by a skewed block;" To stand or be on top of is the surmount.
Upheavals pg10 "...torn everywhere by the upheavals of fallen trees..." An upheaval is an upward displacement of earths crust.
Effulgence pg 14 "With that word...lagoon attacked them with a blinding effulgence." Effulgnece  is an extrreme brightness.

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Chapter 1 Lord Of The Flies Empty Re: Chapter 1 Lord Of The Flies

Post by Hillarymast on Thu May 25, 2017 8:03 am

Vocabulary and text structure
Q: how can meaning be altered by changing key words?
One place where meaning can be changed is when the choir boys come into the picture. When they came in, Golding said they were, "wearily obedient" (20). He could've just said they were in line or complient, however this diction soon makes sense when they meet the head boy Jack, because his attitude manipulates the other boys to become his followers.
Vocabulary and Text Structure
Q: how does organization contribute to meaning?
They way golding organized the text contributes to many meanings. For example, one is how Piggy asks everyone's name yet never gets asked his. This sets a base for how piggy is going to be treated, "the fat boy waited to be asked his name in turn but this proffer of aquantince was not made" (9). The questions of asking names for Ralph becomes a thing they should do, like ask everyone and make a list; that become piggys job, advised by Ralph. So there's proof of influence on Ralph from Piggy although he never admits it.
Q: How do parts build a whole?
In the beginning of the story, the narrator describes the island as this beautiful uncharted territory, "behind this was the darkness of the forest proper and the open space of the scar... within the irregular arc of the coral lagoon was still as a mountain lake- blue of all shades and shadowy green and purple" (10). This sets a beautiful image for the island. However, after fear of the beast sets in, the island becomes scary in its vast animosity, "Jack lifted his head and stared at the uncrustable masses of the creepers that lay across the trail" (49).


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Chapter 1 Lord Of The Flies Empty Chapter One Response

Post by Broseph:D on Mon May 29, 2017 10:02 pm

What is the idea/theme of the text? What is the evidence?
In chapter one, a normal book would always introduce the characters that will keep the story moving forward. These characters get a special spot placed for them that will be more easier to organize and separate who is who. Ralph and Piggy are firstly introduced than the other characters to give them a friendly bonding that will have a greater affect while the book goes on. The characters that Jack brings along that are in the choir are represented as followers, those who need someone who they trust will lead them down the right path to survival.
Why may have the author chosen one word over another?
In just the beginning of the story, Golding describes certain parts of characters that wouldn't make sense to many. A more well known line of text is when Golding uses "The boy with fair hair" to describe Ralph's hair. You could tell that he wasn't fully focused on assuming how Ralph and the other characters would look like. He also wanted to make some of the other characters unique that could change over time by the words Golding used. Some paragraphs would have a less reason to imagine something while in other parts, it would be impossible to understand what is going on without having a picture in your head.

The Sound Of The Shell:
I believe Golding used this as the name for the chapter to keep in mind what represents order in this story. Throughout the whole book, the sound the conch made was the only way how the boys on the island regrouped and regained order but that only happened for a limited amount of time. The conch also gave almost everyone the right to say whatever they wanted that they thought was important for everyone to know. Overall, the conch represented a sign of power that the other boys won't have.

Word study:
Swathing(swathe): "Sleep enveloped him like the swathing mirages that were wrestling with the brilliance of the lagoon."(p.14)
Def: wrap in several layers of fabric. Sentence: After he burn't his hand, he was swathing it and keeping it out of sight from his dad.
Intricacies: "...spread through the intricacies of the forest..."(p.17)
Def: the quality of being intricate. Sentence: Kevin's art won first place because he took time to make it intricate as possible.
Granite:"...echoed back from the pink granite of the mountains."(p.17)
Def: a very hard, crystalline rock. Sentence: Our science teacher talked about how granties are formed and where to find them.


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Chapter 1 Lord Of The Flies Empty Re: Chapter 1 Lord Of The Flies

Post by Marcelinocacho on Tue May 30, 2017 12:53 am

vocabulary&text structure: why may have the author chosen one word over another?
I think that the author did that to give the reader knowledge of what type of society these boys come from and what day of age it is. Especially when piggy calls his glasses spectacles.

Vocabulary and text structure: Why do authors begin and end when they do?
because the author is explaining the details and whats going on in the scene and just in general gives us more information on whats going on during that exact moment and what actions are not told with quotes.

The Sound of the Shell:
I believe he named the chapter that because the shell played a huge role in this chapter of the book. Because the shell called for all the boys and made an impact for Ralph which made him the leader of the group because he is the one that called out using the shell. which then the shall gave Ralph a huge responsibility to become a leader over the boys

Word study:
Absently-"Ralph spoke absently" page16
Absently: in a distracted-minded way
I absently raised my hand hand in class.

Clamor: "jack started to protest but the clamor changed from the general wish for a chief to an election by acclaim or Ralph himself" page 22
Clamor: Shout loudly and insistently
Clamor: trump clamored for attention at the protest

Conch: "this toy of voting was almost as pleasing as the conch" page 22
Conch: the roof of a semicircular apse, shaped like half a dome
Conch: I entered the conch building


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Chapter 1 Lord Of The Flies Empty Re: Chapter 1 Lord Of The Flies

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