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Post by In'Nyah Gibson on Mon May 22, 2017 5:53 pm

1. The rules I chose the live by are in the Bible which are the Ten Commandments.Which are 1. not having any other gods 2. Don't be an idol 3. Don't use the Lords name in vain 3. Honor your mother and father 4. Don't commit adultery 5. Don't kill 6. Don't Steal 7.Don't bear false witness against someone 8. Don't covet someone's house. 9.Don't covet someone's wife 10. Don't covet someone's animal or anything else
2.I live by these rules because there good ones to live by and also they keep my in check and there just good rules to live by in general.
3. If we didn't have rules alot of bad things would happen and the world would be crazy because people are doing whatever they want without limits.
4. yes I'm pretty sure there are a different set of rules people live by and i think there are different religions that believe in rules but there still very similar to the ten commandments
5.yes the Ten Commandments do play a role in my life because all of the Ten commandments i try to live by and not break any of then.
6. I think they do that so people can have life morals and life goals and also so people can know there limits
7. Yes and no because most of peoples life rules or morals are very similar to the religious ones.

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