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Post by Broken Glasses on Wed Jun 07, 2017 12:40 am

Vocab words
myopia: lack of imagination
luminous: full of light
fringe: bangs

Why is the chapter called "castle rock"? Well, We get to see what Castle Rock has turned into at its climax. Jack has apparently turned it into a hostile fortress that will lead to piggy's demise. With the death of Piggy so are all the efforts to get rescued.

How does the text leave matters uncertain or unstated?
Well, the only thing I can't figure out is who's team is Robert on? He's like an informant but carries out heinous acts against Ralph and the gang. Now he throws a rock at the twins with the intent of missing.

Are there any shifts?
Well, a big one I noticed was the death of Piggy. Its good that he gets some recognition but it changed the ambiance.

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