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Post by Broken Glasses on Sat Jun 03, 2017 9:12 pm

Vocab words
opaque: something that is transparent
castanet: they are those clappers that Spanish dancers
vicissitudes: an unwelcome change of circumstances

Why is the chapter called the "huts on the beach"?
That's what it is about. Golding does tear down the system even further, without consequences it seems a lot of people are going to walk all over the rules before anything happens.

Where does the author leave matters uncertain or unstated?
I am curious where Piggy was during all of this. He can't hunt but is also able to do less physically demanding tasks. Such as building shelter that seems right up his ally. Another thing we don't know is when Jack left to hunt and how long he was apart from the rest. We know it's starting to set when he wants to leave but we don't know when he started so it is impossible to know when he started.

When is figurative language used and to what extent?
They use figurative language a lot, in the beginning, referencing "Creepers" and such. When Jack return Figurative language stops

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