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Vocab Words
indignantlyWhen you act annoyed or mad at something that you find unfair
silhouette the dark outline of an object against a brighter background
officious an assertive authority over small things

Why is the chapter called"The fire on the mountain"? Well, it is telling the reader about the chapter. The go atop the mountain and talk about the fire that they will keep alive atop the mountain.

Why did Golding choose creeper over another word?
I believe that it is to preserve the childlike mentality. I needed to look up creepers on the internet so I was thrown off by this.

How do the parts build as a whole?
I think that Golding shows the system that the boys develop start to collapse. In the beginning, they establish rules and they are starting to break by chapter two. It reminds me of the league of nations. A lot of rules and orders but no backbone

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