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Post by Shannon Poston on Thu Jun 01, 2017 9:48 pm

Vocabulary & Text structure
When is figurative language used and to what effect?
Golding uses a personification to to describe the creepers in the forest. It says "So close that he left sweat on them," it could be meaning that the beast is right next to them in the forest. This shows that there is something living inside the forest and that the boys aren't the only creatures on the island.
How do the parts build to a whole?
On page 51 ralph says “I bet if I blew the conch this minute, they’d come running. Then we’d be, you know, very solemn, and someone would say we ought to build a jet, or a submarine, or a TV set. When the meeting was over they work for five minutes, then wander off or go hunting.” This is starting to show the laziness of the kids. They want huts and food but they don't want to work for it. Also when Ralph called meetings, no one would listen, they would all just do what they want and this is why problems start to occur.

This chapter is called "Huts on The Beach because Ralph tries to get things done so that they could live there for some time until they got rescued. Ralph needs help from everybody but because of such little help he only build a couple huts meaning Ralph doesn't have much power over the others.
Perceptible(56) "...went where the just perceptible path led him."-Able to see or notice. If the sun is perceptible we can see it.
Tacit (55) "..sake of agreeing as anything, and by tacit consent they left the shelter and went toward the bathing pool." -Understood or implied without being stated.
Opaque page 53, If something is opaque then it is not see through or not transparent. "The opaque, mad look came into his eyes again."

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